About Mellon Middle School


Mellon Mission Statement


Our mission, is that by providing an extraordinary academic experience, we will inspire each member of our learning community to respect people, achieve success, and contribute in an ever changing world.

We Believe: Middle level learners possess unique developmental needs in their physical, emotional, intellectual, social and moral growth.

We Believe: A program of varied learning experiences provides middle level students with opportunities to discover and develop their abilities, interests, and strengths.

We Believe: Early adolescence is a critical time for the development of character, self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, and personal responsibility.

At Mellon Middle School, all have a crucial role in developing our learning community. The Mellon Middle School Learning Community involves students, parents and the school staff working together. Mellon Middle School is a learning community built on communication, cooperation, and care. We call this the Lebo Spirit.

Communicating in the Mellon Lebo Learning Community
At Mellon Middle School, our goal is to promote and maintain a positive school climate. All our programs and policies are designed to foster the health, wellness and safety of our learning community.

Inevitably, in the course of living as a learning community, comments, concerns, compliments and congratulations need opportunities for expression. To enable us to address issues in the most effective and expeditious way, we offer this framework:

Areas best addressed by the classroom teacher and team leader:

  • Grades
  • Homework
  • Academic performance in a particular subject

Areas best addressed by the counselors:

  • Social and academic concerns
  • Study skills
  • Learning to make friends

NOTE: Conferences are scheduled through the guidance office or team leader.

Areas best addressed by administration:

  • Comments/concerns regarding the overall operations of the school
  • School safety issues
  • School-wide programs
  • Instructional leadership

Be assured of our respectful response to your comments. Ultimately we are working toward the same goal - creating a learning community based on communication, cooperation, and care. Let us make a conscious effort to communicate clearly with possible solutions in mind, remembering that listening is as important as expressing.



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