Attendance Policy


Attendance is the number one predictor of a student’s success in school.

Each student is required to submit a written excuse signed by a parent, guardian, or physician to their homeroom teacher within three days of his/her return from an absence. Students arriving tardy to school or after homeroom MUST report to the Attendance Office.

Absence/Tardy notes should include:

  • Student's name

  • Date(s) of absence or tardiness

  • Reason for absence or tardiness

  • Signature of parent/guardian

Students will be afforded 3 days from the day they return to turn in an excuse. If a written or email excuse is not received within three days, the school will deem the absence as unlawful. State auditors require these notes to be on file for cross-reference with recorded absences.

A medical excuse signed by a physician may be requested in cases of excessive or extended absences.

Students absent ½ day or more on the day of a school event may not participate in that athletic or extracurricular event.

Parents DO NOT need to call the Attendance Office if their child is sick. Parents/Students should refer to the Dashboard to check assignments when absent from school. If your child will be out for an extended period of time due to illness, you should contact the school nurse.


The following are valid reasons for absence from school:

  • Illness and/or quarantine

  • Serious illness or death in the immediate family

  • Emergency medical or dental appointments

  • Impassable roads

  • Authorized religious holidays

  • Pre-approved non-school sponsored educational trips


Click here for a pre-approved absence form.

Family trips and vacations are recognized as excused absences provided a completed Pre-approved Absence Form is submitted to the Attendance Office prior to the trip.

Only FIVE (5) days of absence may be Pre-Approved per student per year. An educational objective should be the basis for such an absence. Family Trips and vacations are strongly discouraged during standardized testing dates.

Pre-Approved Absence Forms are available in the attendance office.


Any reason not outlined above under Excused Absences is considered UNLAWFUL.


Students arriving at 8:01 AM and after are considered tardy to school. Understanding that emergencies occur, 3 unexcused tardies are permitted per semester before penalty is enforced. For EACH additional unexcused tardy, a detention is assigned. Failure to serve detention may result in further disciplinary action. The same reasons listed above for excused/unexcused absences apply to tardiness.


Early dismissal will be granted for the same reason as a valid excuse for absence or tardiness. Parents/guardians are encouraged to schedule appointments before or after school hours. If the appointment cannot be made at those times, it should be made as early or as late in the school day as possible.

When an early dismissal is necessary, the student should bring in a written request, which includes:

  • Date and time of early dismissal

  • Reason for the early dismissal

  • Signature of parent/guardian

During homeroom, the student should obtain an Early Dismissal Form from the teacher. One portion of the duplicate form will be sent to the Attendance Office with the original request. The other portion will be given to the student. At dismissal time, the student will show a copy of the form to the classroom teacher then take it to the Attendance Office before leaving school. The student should obtain a Readmittance Form from the Attendance Office if returning to class the same day.

Parents and guardians may meet their children outside the building. If you choose to come into the building, you are required to report directly to the Attendance Office to pick up your child. This request is made as a safety precaution. Because of security, as well as the level of disruption to the class, we request that parents do not go to their child’s classroom, but rather meet them in the office. In an emergency, we will call students to the office upon request.



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