Faculty and Staff

Administration, Guidance, and Office Staff

Administration, Guidance, and Office Staff Title Phone
Dr. Christopher Wolfson Principal 412-344-2122
Mrs. Gina Mahouski Assistant Principal 412-344-0561
Ms. Michelle Filey Principal's Secretary 412-344-2122
Mrs. Pam Hansen Secretary to the Assistant Principal 412-344-0561
Mrs. Kara Gillespie Guidance Counselor 412-344-2132
Ms. Amy Whealdon Guidance Counselor 412-344-2126
Mrs. Joelle Klaber Guidance Office Secretary 412-344-2133

Grade Six

Teacher Department Team
Mrs. Kristin Sabram Science Racers

Ms. Katie Graybill

(Mrs. Emily Raitano)

English Racers
Ms. Danielle Crossey Math Racers
Mr. Bruce Fronk World and Its People Racers
Mrs. Kelly Tanner Literature Racers
Mrs. Aimee Nordmann Science Locomotion
Mrs. Kelly Donovan English Locomotion
Ms. Ashley Szala Math Locomotion
Mr. John Timko World and It's People Locomotion
Mrs. Eve Kollar Literature Locomotion

Grade Seven

Teacher Department Team
Mrs. Karen Peterson Science Rockets
Ms. Erica Harrington English Rockets
Mrs. Alicia Buch Math Rockets
Mr. Dan Ridge World and Its People Rockets
Mr. Justin Bello Literature Rockets
Mrs. Ashley Gavlik Science Eagles
Mr. Richard Hines English Eagles
Mr. Mark Lux Math Eagles
Mrs. Susan McDonald World and It's people Eagles
Mrs. Tara Euculano Literature Eagles

Grade Eight

Teacher Department Team
Mr. Bryan Curtis Science Supernova
Mr. Jason Moore Literature Supernova
Mr. Tim Smith Math Supernova
Mrs. Amy Barone US History Supernova
Dr. Lori Knox Math Iron Brigade
Mr. Jeff Holliday US History Iron Brigade
Mr. Francis Raitano Literature Iron Brigade
Mr. Kevin McCann Science Iron Brigade

Fine Arts

Teacher Department
Ms. Louise Marino Band
Mr. Pierce Cook Orchestra
Mrs. Marlo Rankin Chorus
Mr. Phil Hessler Art
Mr. Greg Frommeyer Art
Mrs. Jodi McKeever Art

Health and Physical Education

Teacher Department
Mr. Jonathan Floss  Physical Education
Mr. Michael Pomaibo Physical Education
Ms. Erin Harkins Physical Education
Mr. Rick Dietz Health

Special Education

Teacher Department
Mrs. Kathryn Duchin Gifted Support
Mrs. Marigrace Hernandez Academic Support
Ms. Heather Moore Emotional Support
Mr. Mike Houck Life Skills
Mr. Kevin Monahan Academic Support
Mr. Dave Breier Academic Support
Ms. Emily Shupp Speech
Ms. Alicia Dougherty Gifted Secretary
Mrs. Molly Bahntge ABA

World Languages

Teacher Department
Ms. Sarah Gloss Spanish
Mrs. Lynda Battista Spanish
Mr. Jacob Kennedy French
Ms. Bridget Jones German

Unified Arts

Teacher Department
Mrs. Deanna Amenta Business Information Technology
Mr. Matt Mikesell Technology Education
Mrs. Catherine Jordaan Family and Consumer Science

Support Staff

Teacher Department
Mrs. Julie Tomer Librarian
Ms. Amanda Saxman STRIVE
Mrs. Roilyn Worst-McGregor Writing Clinician

Mrs. Emily Kirkham

Reading Specialist
Ms. Samantha Defurio Certified School Nurse
Mrs. Dolores Schilken Health Aide
Ms. Emily Russell ESL

Aides, Custodial, and Cafeteria Staff

Mrs. Jackie Rombold Clerical Aide
Ms. Abby Elias Clerical Aide
Ms. Dina Jabra Classroom Aide
Mr. Paul Obeldobel Classroom Aide
Ms. Jessica Cetorelli Classroom Aide
Ms. Diane Slate Cafeteria
Ms. Helen Andrascik Cafeteria
Mrs. Kathy Bozzo Cafeteria
Ms. Deb Carter Cafeteria
Ms. Kelly Yauch Cafeteria
Ms. Geri Ewing Cafeteria
Mr. John Hammer Head Custodian
Ms. Gretchen Lecrone Custodian
Mr. Travis Sears Custodian
Mr. Joe Mirt Custodian
Mr. James Trainer Custodian