American Mathematics 2024 Competition Winners!

American Mathematics 2024 Competition Winners!

Congratulations to MMS math students earning the top scores in our district for the American Mathematics 2024 Competition. Aarush Dutta, (8th) earned the top score of 17, placing him first in the district. Brogan Stahl (6th) and Lucas Deng (5th) each earned a 16, tying for second place with a score of 16, and June Bigham (7th grade) earned a 15, taking third place. Brogan and Lucas also earned a National Certificate of Achievement for students in grade 6 and below who scored over a 15 on the AMC 8. 


There were 69 high-achieving students from MMS and JMS taking the test this year.  This is a very advanced test taken by top middle school math students in the country. We are still waiting for the final national results. This year, high school students conducted workshops at both middle schools to help students prepare for the test. 


The AMC 8 is a 25-question, 40-minute, multiple-choice examination in middle school mathematics designed to promote the development of problem-solving skills.

The material covered on the AMC 8 includes topics from a typical middle school mathematics curriculum. Possible topics include but are not limited to counting and probability, estimation, proportional reasoning, elementary geometry including the Pythagorean Theorem, spatial visualization, everyday applications, and reading and interpreting graphs and tables. In addition, some of the later questions may involve linear or quadratic functions and equations, coordinate geometry, and other topics traditionally covered in a beginning algebra course.

For any questions regarding practice materials for next year, please connect with Mrs. Duchin,  or review the links below.



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