Congratulations Chess Club!

Congratulations Chess Club!

Congratulations to the MMS top chess players, who faced off with JMS top players for the first ever interschool chess tournament this June. Sixth grader Colin Bozick won the most matches for Mellon in the 12-team double-elimination tournament.  Molly Bozick, Ian Lee, Sasha Rozovsky, Eli Lasus and Adam Wilkinson earned top MMS seats for this tournament . This event capped a year of chess playing at both schools. Dedicated students at MMS met every other Friday to enhance their game, enjoy the chess camaraderie and learn new games like four person chess!  


A special shoutout to Molly Bozick who initiated the club last year. This led to the formation of a club at JMS. A thank you also to Mrs. Duchin for sponsoring the clubs at both schools and to the Mellon PTA for purchasing the chess sets! 




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