Important information for student pick-up and drop-off

Important information for student pick-up and drop-off

Mellon Middle School Student Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures 

Please review the safe procedures for student drop-off and pick-up at Mellon Middle School, choose the option that is right for your family, and review it with your children so that they understand where to go.

This procedure is designed for quick drop-off and pick-up and to keep the traffic flowing around the school during these busy times. 

  • Castle Shannon Boulevard directly in front of the school marked in GREEN, and not where marked in BLUE,

    • Drop-off/Pick-up area is used for: 

      • Drop-Off during morning arrival (before 8:00am)

      • Pick-Up at dismissal (after 3:00pm) 

      • No parking is permitted in the marked zone during arrival and dismissal; please do not park, leave your car, or idle in this area.

  • Procedures for Drop-Off:

    •  Pull to the curb

    • Allow your child to exit the vehicle

    • After your child exits, immediately leave the area to allow more families to drop off their children 

  • Procedures for Pick-Up: 

    • Have your child wait on the sidewalk outside the building 

    • If your child is waiting, pull to the curb,  allow your child to enter the vehicle, and immediately leave the area to allow more families to pick up their children 

    • If your child is not ready and waiting, please circle the block again and pull into the area only when your child is waiting.  

Please do not use the staff parking lot (along Castle Shannon Boulevard) or behind the building (near the fields) for student drop-off. 

All student drop off and pick up should occur only on Castle Shannon Boulevard in the marked zone.




11 Castle Shannon Blvd.

Pittsburgh, PA 15228


(412) 344-2122

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