Mellon UNITES kicks off Woman's History Month

Mellon UNITES kicks off Woman's History Month

The Mellon UNITES  group kicked off Women's History Month with a presentation and discussion on feminism, women's history and tackling misogyny. Over 50 students showed up after school in the library to learn, express their thoughts and to brainstorm ways to empower women in school and in society, Group leaders broke into smaller sessions to make sure that all students could have a chance to be heard. The group also hopes students note Wednesday March 8 as international Women's Day.  A special thank you to the organizers and presenters including 8th graders Hannah Markowitz, Julia Ghil, Katrielle Nicholson, Molly Bozick, Chris Timm, Mia Nikolic, Julia Norton, Vanshika Jain, Elora TIghe, August Rajakumar, Hannah Walker and Claire Bigham.

The group is sponsored by Mrs. Duchin



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