Peak Performance Academy


Welcome to the Mt. Lebanon Peak Performance Academy which was specifically designed to give you a “game plan for success” prior to entering high school. We all are looking for ways to improve, grow potential and boost performance. The Mt. Lebanon Peak Performance Academy will help you along the way. It is based on four simple, yet powerful concepts: Think, Move, Rest, and Eat. We gathered four of the country’s top experts in these critical performance areas to share their best thinking and best strategies. 

Four 30 Minute Segments:

  • THINK (Mindfulness Pillar) - Students will learn mindfulness and build capacity as a primary tool to manage the inner experience. Training in mindfulness practices. (Dr. Christopher Willard, Harvard University Psychologist)
  • MOVE (Exercise & Movement Pillar) - Students will learn simple strategies to increase the amount of beneficial physical activity. Training in exercise best practice. (Mrs. Stephanie Hull, Mt. Lebanon Physical Education Teacher )
  • REST (Sleep Pillar) - Students will learn the importance of optimal sleep time and be instructed in some strategies to assist with reaching their goal. Training in sleep strategies. (Dr. Jessica Levenson, University of Pittsburgh Clinical Psychologist)
  • EAT (Nutrition Pillar) - Students will learn good habits for energy efficiency through food. Training in optimal nutrition practices. (Ms. Auburn Weisensale, R.D. Nutritionist for the University of Pittsburgh Athletic Department)

Guided by these performance coaches, you’ll learn simple life lessons for being your best at all times, ultimately reaching peak performance in all that you do.

By following the links through CLEVER  you can watch these four, 30 minute segments when and where it fits your schedule. Ideally, you should consider watching all four segments prior to the start of high school. After you complete all 4 segments,  you’ll receive a “Mt. Lebanon Peak Performance Academy” t-shirt to celebrate your accomplishment.

1. Log into Clever
2. Click on the Safari Montage app
3. Click on Links