Writing Lab

Mellon Middle School Writing Lab

Welcome Sign


Mrs. Roilyn Worst-McGregor, Writing Lab Clinician

The Lab hours are as follows:

  • Early Morning in the Library 7:15—HR Students must have a teacher-signed pass obtained the day before to enter.
  • Morning Lab 7:45—HR No pass needed, sign-in only
  • After School Lab Until 3:45 M—TH, no pass needed, sign-in only. 



The Writing Lab is a complex of three computer labs where all students work on their writing for any subject. Staffed by a Writing Clinician and located on the third floor, the Writing Lab is used to facilitate the curricular emphasis on writing and the writing process in the English department, as well as writing-across-the-curriculum initiatives in all disciplines. In addition to curricular writing, students are always welcome to pursue their own creative and personal writing. The Writing Lab is also used for a variety of other learning activities such as researching, exploring subject-specific software and websites, creating content in a variety of platforms, completing online assessments, and more. Many teachers sign up to bring their classes, but students may come on their own from individual classes and team time. Furthermore, students have opportunities to use the Lab beyond the school day.


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