Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety Tips for Parents

Tackling the pitfalls of social media continues to be a difficult challenge for many of our middle school students. Everything we read continues to tell us that proper adult monitoring is the best way to guide our children through the jungle of appropriate Internet usage and keep them safe in the process. One of the biggest challenges we see is staying on top of which social media websites and services children are accessing. Children have progressed through MySpace, Facebook, Instagram, Kik, Snapchat, and many others. Parents might not be familiar with all of these websites and mobile apps, but our children are using them. To assist you in this effort, we have added this page to our Jefferson website to provide you with useful and timely resources on internet safety. It is in our mutual best interests to keep all of us aware of the trends and dangers on the web that our students are accessing regularly. Above all, we want our student to maintain a safe and productive “digital footprint” on the web. We hope you will find this information useful!